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About us

We pursue Green technology with long term unwavering commitment

After more than 16 years of sales and development, Century Eternity Ltd.has led and evolved from a mass production textile supplier to a innovator with a comprehensive yet integrated chain.While traditional textiles still have an important share in the world-wide market,the R&D,Eco-technology and innovation features of textile becomes the core competencies in textile industrial. Further to functionality, eco-friendliness is now a textile DNA for our production.

Whether it’s material,manufacture process,technology, product or environment, we are working hard the green-minded industrial to make Century Eternity Ltd. the best source fo eco functional textile supplier.

We are delighted to work on the recycle yarn with the famous supplier "Unifi" and "Bionic" for most of recycle textile collection.The journey where drinking water bottles turn into a beautiful cloth starts from the recycle bin around the corner of your neighborhood.
Once the bottles are collected and then crushed, they will be made into staple fibers for spinning or into filament yarns for weaving, and then are ready for end-products application. We’re proudly introduce this complete and comprehensive production system to love our one and only earth!

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